by Tyler Bell

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Single off of the upcoming album "A Smoker's Thought"


bloodshot eyes, my nigga we come correct
lime skunk blunt, my nigga no disrespect
vibrant mind of colors off the mirror reflect
and if i aint the one who got it, then give it up to the best
passion, love, & hate put my life on the line
i came with a vision, god gave me a sign
wake up to a calling from the sight i was blind
the new emcee has arrived, a new lyrical mastermind
i pray the power stay, and a journey i pave
till the day i grave, 6 ft under so i behave
in new lyrical ways i portray, whats a goon to a goblin
horses gotta shit so i feed em the hay
laziness a setback, bars on cars
cars on stars, stars on mars
it aint that hard, so hit em where it hurts
and if its left to me imma leave em in the dirt

yeah, blowin the loud, my eyes roll down, dont give a fuck about the world and where they see me now
am i ton make it, stakes is to the basement, I'm kicking with the realest, but homie can you really feel it

Swimmin back up to the surface / feelin all of this for certain / writings on the wall go with the bloodshed on the curtain / hold up mommy times is hard and i know you really hurtin /
stack up my bread/ family fed / no words kept / i hope they hear what i said / times was hard / but the world gave me head / then we kinda grew apart /
now we grown closer / i still keep a gangsta lean / catch me bumpin love sosa / while I'm cheefin on my green / don't ever forget it / I'm still where i was / i roll bunts while you smoke cigarettes to get a buzz /
find me speeding in the left lane gettin chased by the fuzz / left that bitch to crash / so it just wasn't enough



released 31 August 2013
engineer: Bogart
beat composition/arrangement: Tyler Bell



all rights reserved


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